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At slimage, you can lose weight by eating your choice of food.

No, we are only based in west Punjabi bagh.

Our charges for the first month are rs 5000 followed by rs 4000 from next month onwards.

Our diets are based on your routine & preferences. We make customized plans for individual needs.

Yes, we can, if we feel the need to do so.

Our diets are 99% successful.

Yes, we can give you diet for faster weight loss. But it is always preferred as slow & steady wins the race.

Yes, definitely we can give you diets in every corner of the world.

We put all our efforts to make you lose weight, if not by a standard plan than may be by trying some other plans.

We can give keto diets on your request.

One thing that is for sure is you will not starve, can have your choice of foods with desired weight loss..

After a discussion only, we can conclude what & how you have to change your lifestyle as you need to lose something to gain something.

With our diets, we want you to be regular with walks i.e 45 mins.

. No, we don’t prescribe any supplements

Result May vary Person to Person " Disclaimer "

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