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Success Stories

She is the best dietician who describes the perfect diet which keeps me energetic as well keeps my weight well under control. i have been able to reduce my weight quite a lot without reducing my intake of food with a very balanced tasty diet advised by her. She is always accessible, friendly and thoroughly professional.
Archana Aggarwal


Shweta is like an angel in my life, and I am sure in many others too. I have been chubby and fat all these years after gorging on food endlessly and weight loss seemed to be impossible. But shweta made it all possible. I came to her after seeing her diet result on one of my colleagues in office. It was mesmerising. I immediately contacted her thereafter. And there is no looking back since then!
Shweta! Shweta! Shweta!


It's been a roller-coaster ride! Losing weight and then gaining some back. But, she is an inspiration. She keeps you motivated all along.
I couldn't believe when she said that she tastes all the foods she recommends to check what effect it would have on her patient's diet. This is how driven she is for her career and concerned for all of us who have been fat since ages! Thanks a lot for all the motivation and help. Coming back to the slim phase is amazing. The compliments you get are so motivating! All thanks to shweta! Kudos to you! And thanks for being such an important part of my life.
Shivani Gulati


Never thought that I could take such dietary precautions, but after consulting Dr.Shweta my preferences turned to a healthy diet. It affected most of my medical problems and now I feel perfectly fine in terms of health. Moreover, my weight is also reducing effectively without hassles and don't even get any craving for food. Thanks to Dr.Shweta for all her suggestions, guidelines and help.
Kajal Tiberwal


A change in life can be brought by someone really "special". Shweta is bringing that change in my life. The complements with a little change motivate an individual a lot. Diet for your own food a down choice, what else could be better than this!!!


Shweta is like a friend and guides in everything related to her clients. Be it your diet, your health related issues. I can see the change and reduction in my weight along with the inch loss very quickly. My known even have a better change. The best part of Shweta is she makes sure everyone is satisfied and happy with her weekly diet that is off course a lot of people's choice. I can really make your lifestyle happy, healthy and worth living!!!
Kasha Sobti


Lost 9 kgs in 3 months!!
Never thought this could be so easy. Dr.Shweta you are simply the best. Your diet is very delicious. Thank you and keep it up.

Bhavesh Gupta


She gives me personal attention and I feel comfortable coming to her. Thought I haven't been on her diet for long. Her diets have shown amazing results.
Mridul Jain


Coming to Shweta is always a pleasure. She looks into all details of the client and gives diet according to the clients likes and dislikes. She is always available for any queries and doubts. Her diet gives very positive results without getting boring.
Roma Jain


It was really good to come and meet Dr.Shweta and discuss my diet and take a proper diet plan. I lost 8kgs in a month which is really good even I didn't follow the diet properly. It's really nice the way she explains and makes a proper diet plan. Hope in future I will follow the proper diet plan and lose more weight in the next couple of weeks.
Thanks Dr.Shweta


I came to know about you from my friend as she lost many kilos and I was not loosing inspite of doing everything. So I started with you and I'm happy that even doing diet I can eat everything (whenever and whatever). You understand my tastes and my body and give me knowingly. I think steady with dedication I will lose weight and inches and reach my target for what I came
Harpreet Kaur


Since I have come to this place I am feeling more energetic. My mood swings are controlled and my body is light. My hormonal imbalance is not a concern now as I am feeling fresh and vibrant. I have a inch loss and weight loss also. My anxiety has gone down and now I panic less.
Shilpa Pahwa


I have been overweight since my childhood. Never thought that losing weight could be as easy as Shweta makes it. It's really amazing to lose weight with your choice of food. Love you Dr.Shweta.


Being fit and staying in Pink health- is a journey. Thanks Slimage and Shweta for being part of my journey. I wish all the very best. Many thanks to you again and keep doing great work.
Maheshwari Jain


I was overweight and I came to know about Dr.Shweta through my friend. It was wonderful experience taking diet chart from her. I came to know some of my diseases from which I was gaining weight.
I feel light and fit after following her diet chart and hope I need not to go to the doctor for any of my diseases.
Vivek Goel


Dear Shweta
It's a great pleasure and honor to know you. I personally feel coming to you for diet consultation was my best decision ever. I have personally experienced that diet plays an important role in getting you in desired shape. You have helped me loss 8 kilos over a period of 3 months. I feel it is remarkably good. All the best for your future endeavors.
Esha Singh


The best weight loss programme I have come across where you lose weight by having your choice of meals. The most flexible, friendly, atmosphere one can get is with you. Doctor Shweta is more like a friend who is available 24x7.
Chetali Anand


I would like to mention a big thank you to Shweta mam for aiding me in losing weight I carried as a protective barrier. She gave me perfect diets to lose weight (with just 30mins walk), following which I lost 9kgs in exact 35days.
Now, I can reach my goals without going ballistic over exercising. I look forward to strive forward losing more and celebrating it. Thank you Shweta mam for helping me build confidence and self esteem.
Heena Bhal


I am a total foodie and just love to eat. Though not very fat but I had a lot of tummy fat. After joining her within a month i found a lot of difference .This motivated me and i continued with her. I lost 6 kg with lots of inch loss. Shwetaa always offered me what i demanded in food. That's the best part of being with her. I never knew I can reduce weight with bhelpuri's , chhole chawal , matar kulcha and mc donalds's burger too. Being a mother of two sons , I have to cook for them tasty foods and never compromised in eating myself too .THANKS FOR THE GUIDANCE SHWETA


Dear shweta
Your nature is good and so friendly that it never feels as if i joined a dietician .She always gives the diet according to your taste and moreover it's so nutrient and tasty .I have lost 5.5 kg in 10 days and it always boost your confidence.Really thankful to you shwetaa.I have achieved which I never expect I will achieve in 10 days


I never believed that reducing weight could be so easy, while you eat meals of your choice .lost 8 kg in 2 months.Shweta mam is doing a noble cause by giving us in shape.
Amit gulati


Weight loss experience has never been this much fun. Thanks for Shwetaa mam .Eating what you like while losing weight was the best part.




Dear shwetaa
Weight loss with Dhokla , bhelpuri , and maggie has been awesome .Also what I have learned is to manage my meals , drink more of water and liquids .I have not been (unlike other dieticians ) house arrested and thus my meals with my outing too. Satisfactory experience looking forward to lose some more extra kills
Tanya aggarwal


I have lost 10 kg in 5 months at the age of 63 yrs and still reducing .I feel very light and better health than before .Very happy and satisfied with the results .My knee pain has also gone away with DR, shwetaa diets and now I am comfortable in walking.
Now I fit in old jeans too.
Promilla mehra


Dear shwetaa di,
You are amazing and I love your diet. I get good food to eat .THE best part about going slimage is the comfort zone you provide , the friendly atmosphere and it goes on THANK YOU!!
Kabir singh kohli


DR.Shweta is a superb doctor .She is perfect with the diet plans she provides & also helps a patient reduce weight quickly along with a nutritious diet .Her assistance to make changes in the structure o eating habits are very fruitful
I thank her for providing me with a good dietician regime which helped me to cut down weight comfortably.
Akanksha trehan


Dearest Shwetaa mam
I want to say thank you to her as when I come to meet her i was suffering from a knee problem for which I was not able to walk properly. Thank you for everything.
Lots of love,
JAsleen kaur


I lost 4 kg in 1 month. I don't lose weight easily but because of her diet plan i have started reducing weight easily but because of his diet plan I have started losing weight and i get to eat everything i want. I am very with this diet programme.
Aastha pathak


Dearest doctor,
I had a very great experience on being associated with you. Not only in terms of losing weight but in all aspects. You motivated e very positively .I would suggest anybody to come to you without a single thought.
Radhika arora


Earlier diet for me was eating very less and tasteless boiled food .But after meeting Shweta . All that has been changed .Now diet is all about eating healthy but yummy foods and never feeling hungry. I lost 15 kg in just 5 months by following this mantra. With shweta it's like a learning experience .She believes in making you your own dietician.
Thank you shwetaa for changing my life.
Prachi singhal


Shweta's nature is so warm and welcoming, I feel like recommending everyone .I want to shout that I am losing weight with my choice of food.
It's a lifestyle change.
Anubha gupta


I lost almost 10 kgs in 3 months and the great thing about slimage clinic is I don't have to starve even a day.Infact , it was difficult to eat that much given in diet. Also there was a great a lot of variety of foods given and it was almost new every week. The biggest thing intact the gift that I got from Shwetaa is she almost cured my Psoriasis, which no doctor could do even in last 6 years, .May god bless her and she continues to help people always.


Dearest Shwetaa mam ,
I always enjoy your diet .I am very comfortable from your diet thank you so much I lost weight .Just because of your diet .Thank you for your diet plan.
Parvinder singh


Dearest Shweta di.
I always enjoy your diet as it according to my taste and preference. I lost weight just because of your diet. It also made me healthier .Your tips are really valuable and easy to follow. Thank you for everything .lots of love.


It's good as I never expected myself to be on diet. Have started liking things to eat which I never thought of eating and a sudden weight loss of 4 kg was simple wow And double wow was that people saying I look so slim. Its amazing Waiting to reduce more.


Dearest shweta
it's really awesome to join your diet clinic .You have changed the entire outlook of me .You gave a new life to my personality .I am really a changed and confident person now. thank you


It's been 2 months that I am taking diets from Slimage and I have lost 7kgs. It's been a great experience so far. I am losing weight even after eating everything I like such as Maggie, Pasta, Pizza etc.
Thank you Dr. Shweta
Ashu Jain


Dear God
You are absolutely fabulous. I thank god from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Shweta for such good diets that I'm eating from eight months. I lost 80 kgs in 8 months. Thank you Keep Going
Abhishek Dupar


It's been more than a month and I have already lost 9 kilos by eating stuff I really love. I don't feel hungry and whenever I do, I just ask her how to balance. It's really nice and healthy experience here. I feel light and healthy. I know I will reach my weight loss goal here which I have been trying to since last 4 years. Thanks Dr. Shweta and the team for an awesome experience.
Harsh Arora.


I have been overweight post marriage. I always had a desire to wear western clothes but thanks to slippage I reduced a lot weight. Now, I feel more confident. It's my dream to be always slim and fit. Thanks to Slimage, my dreams have come true. I suggest everybody to join slippage and gain confidence.
Rupinder Jaspal (Rimpy)


A wonderful experience of losing weight by eating tasty food is great. I have lost 7 kg and this is very good. Now i can say I just love dieting.
Ghehna gupta


I joined slimage diet clinic 2 months back. This was not my first attempt to get rid of obesity.I had earlier tried exercising as well as diet plans but ended with no results. With huge set back, I joined slimage & inspite of being ridden with thyroid - i could reduce more than 6 kg in less than 2 months. This was unbelievable to me. The clinic was able to raise the hope again.


Mrs Shwetaa shahii is one of the best consultants. I just love the diets given by her. Thank you and hope you get success in your profession. I am happy you have given a new sunshine in my life.
Mustan mehta


Very effective diet plans. I get to eat what i want and still lose weight .Fast and healthy weight loss .I one month I have lost more than 5 kgs while eating out a few times. I news expected I can lose weight by eating more.
Namrata singhal


Hey I am Deepa chopra and I have been consulting Mrs shwetaa shahii for my diet since a month and I have felt a drastic lifestyle change and in my health too. I lost 4 kg in month and moreover I was eating outside food like 3 days in a week and even with that I lost. I have been consulting her and I will definitely recommend her to each one I know,
Deepa chopra


Dr. shwetaa mam thank you for making me lose weight in such a less time by giving me my favorite food.


I am very happy by coming here. I have lost 5 kg till now .I have eaten all sorts of food like matar kulcha , chocolates, jalebi , chhole bhature , brownies that I have not eaten since years .I feel younger and lighter. Thanks Shwetaa ! BLESS YOU!
Meenakshi pahwa(48 yrs)


I have lost 5 kg in 1 month .I have never had that much and that variety of food before. There's a satisfaction in mind.
I had joined the diet based on the Word of Mouth recommendation. After 1 and a half month I stood up as a pretty satisfied client. The diet plans are very 'eatable and reasonably placed. They have worked very well. There are no wrong promises. Shweta is very comfortable to talk to always available
Manu Pammeja


I was overweight and I was about to go for the bariatric surgery but with the gods grace I came in contact with a person who is talking help from Shweta for the same and he suggested me to meet her. I had gone there but was not sure what mam can do for me. But today I can say that she has proved to be a miracle or you can say god's gift for me. From that day I came to understand the right meaning of dieting. I am reducing my weight while having sufficient food. She is just like a god for me, who has saved me from a major surgery and had motivated me that I can also reduce weight while having full amount of food. Thankyou very much for giving me a new life. You had brought the positivity in my life.
Praveen Kumar Goel


Dr. Shweta
I had gained a lot post delivery. It was really tough for me to lose weight. But after joining Slimage I have lost 7kgs in one and a half month. My weight was stuck from so many months, tried a lot of things but could not reduce even a kilo. I am feeling so light. There is lot of inch loss. And the best part of your diet is that you give food according to our choices. Thanks Shweta for all the suggestions, guidance and emotional support. I have literally started coming out of depression and it feels great.
Deepa Anand


It is great associating with Dr.Shweta. I have lost 4.5kgs in a month and excited for still some more to go. The journey has been tasty. The myth about losing weight through boiled,untasty, food surely breaks when you get to devour on Rasgullas, momos and jalebi. Thank you for all the guidance.
Sahiba Jaggi


It has just been a month since I joined Dr.Shweta's dieting plan. My weight has gone down, and I do not feel lethargic and hungry. She has been really sweet and responded to all my queries even on non working days. I am glad to have visited her
Thank you
Arushi Mehta


I have no words to describe. I had been put on post delivery weight a lot and not able to lose easily. I used to go regularly for a walk, not taking fad diets etc. But after joining shweta's Slimage I enjoyed eating fat foods and all. Keep it up. You are an angle. As in Homeopathy we used to say "Treat man in disease not Disease in man" similarly shweta is "Treating man in Obesity, not Obesity in man"
Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot.
Keep it up!!
Dr.Sarika Garg (B.H.M.S)


It was a wonderful experience with Dr.Shweta, never thought that dieting can be so enjoyable experience. I am eating out, not missing any occasion and I have lost 4khs in a month. It is so goods. Coming to her has changed my views of eating and balancing my diet, I have learned many things from her for future as well.
All in all it was a wonderful experience coming to her. I gained something good and lost something bad (weight).
Harneet Kaur


I have been overweight since childhood. I always used to make efforts to reduce weight through yoga and other diet plans. Other diet plans helped me reduce weight but I lost glow of my face and I used to look dull. But when I came to Shweta I not only reduced weight but I also got a glow and shine on my face. Now I wear western outfits that I have never worn till now, i.e. till the age of 43. Thanks to shweta that now I am complemented with a title of teenage girl!!!!!


After joining Dr.Shweta I lost few kgs. I have put on a lot of weight post delivery and my diet was very unbalanced. After consulting Shweta now I am eating a healthy diet and I have also started reducing weight. Her nature is also very friendly and supportive. She gives diet according to my food preferences is what I like about her.
Keep doing good work.
Anuradha Goel


Dr. Shweta
Really love to join you again and again. You have changed my lifestyle. I never thought this could be so easy. You are simply superb and the best. I really love you…..sweetheart. You understand my choices and taste. Thanks a lot for everything.


Easy diet
Quick weight loss Regular visits Replying to problems even at odd times Diets are given according to our choices.
Siddharth Nanda


I Payal Walia was always overweight (since childhood). Hypothyroid always bloated me. I also had gastric problems, feeling low on energy. But when I met Shweta, she suggested me diet accordingly and counseled me for proper, healthy and happy life. I am very happy to have her in my life. She guides me about how to make best out of life. I LOVE YOU SHWETA THANKYOU
Payal Walia


Well, lost 6.5kg in 50days approx. Never thought would lose weight in such a short time. Shweta's diets are refreshing. Minor problems like constipation are all over. Now I know what I was missing sine so long.
Ankur Tibrewal


It has been an exciting and enjoyable experience so far. I always feared going to a dietician, but after have met Shweta and her team, I can rather say it is really healthy physically and mentally. At no point so far, I've felt being pushed forcibly. I am enjoying weight loss, inch loss and at the same time I am learning good eating habits. Half of the battle is won when you have a good equation with your doctor and I my case I feel so. I can easily explain everything to her and she lends a healthy advice for the same.
Neeti Arora


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr.Shweta for helping and guiding me to reduce weight through a balanced and healthy diet. I never thought that dieting can be so easy and within a short span of 15days. I started losing weight just by eating proper and healthy food. Thanks again Dr Shweta and looking forward to achieve my weight lose target with you.
Udit Gupta


Dearest Shweta
It's really awesome to join your diet clinic. You have changed my entire outlook. You gave a new meaning to my personality. I am really a changed and a confident person now. Thank you
Thank you
Dear Shweta


You changed my life. I lost 16kgs in just 5 months and it's the most I have ever eaten in my life. It was not just eating, I loved your diets. Your diets are" Eating tasty with Healthy Living" I will recommend Shweta any day to anyone and I have done that.
Thank you Shweta
Prachi Singhal


Joining Slimage is a totally different experience. I never expect that within a few days anybody can achieve marvelous weight loss results. I had gastric problems and I used to feel low. But thanks to Shweta and her diets, now I am happy with my healthy life. Shweta has changed my life and lifestyle. Thanks to Slimage.
If you want to change your life, I will recommend you to join Slimage.


I have lot of weight issues along with being overweight. Here I got the diet looking at all my medical concerns and also talking care of my food likes/dislikes. Most motivating part is the strictness found here. I would definitely recommend Slimage Diet Clinic to all my friends and family.
Keep up the good work!!
Tanya Dhawan


It had been a great and exciting experience with Dr.Shweta Shahi. I started gaining weight from 12th class. But now I have lost around 4khs and I am feeling very confident and happy. All thanks to Dr.Shweta . My stomach often remained upset but after taking diets from her all my problems have been solved.
I have been given a diet as per my wish. So, I am never bored with my diet plan. So at last I would like to thank Shweta for her suggestions and diet plans.
Ayushi Gupta


I met Shweta long back. She is a superb person. Who made me feel comfortable and explained diets so well that dieting is no more my phobia. I can eat the food I want including chocolates and I am mentally more satisfied and feel full. I look young and happy.
I recommend Slimage for every woman. Thumbs Up!!! Shweta love you
Payal Walia


It's a good experience to start a diet plan with Dr.Shweta. She is a very good dietician. I have been suffering with 3-4 problems. But after joining her, I really feel much better. Thanks to her for her suggestions, guidance and help.
Swati Gupta


I would whole heartedly advise you not to miss the opportunity to meet Shweta Shahi to lose your weight and to gain confidence within you in unexpectedly short time.
Renu Mittal


It's been 4 weeks since I joined Slimage, I lost around 4kgs and I am loosing inches from my key areas of concern without compromising on my energy levels and tastes. Easy to follow plans and regular follow ups helped enormously in eating habits and following better lifestyle. I am still looking forward to continue with the diet of Dr.Shweta to achieve my target weight.
Abhinav Gupta


Dr Shweta you are the best amongst all the dieticians. I have tried no. of dieticians but none of their diet was so easy to follow as yours. You understand our needs and give diet accordingly. Weight loss was so depressing before joining you. I am lucky to find a dietician like you. Thanks for all your support.
Divya Sachdeva


OH MY GOD!!! How is it possible to lose 3kgs by eating chocolates, jalebis, pasta, Maggie? How is this possible? I can't believe this. It is a dream. Oh my god….I am so happy. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou
Payal Aggarwal


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